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Name Location Member
ALDRICH Rhode Island > VT > Quebec Barbara Page
ALLEN Syresham, NTH, England Margaret Wootton
ALMOND Elizabethton, TN, USA 1940s Jackie Gray
ARCHIBALD Perth, Perth, SCT Bruce Archibald
AUDISS Lincolnshire, England Barbara Page
BAMFORD Rochdale & Bury, LAN, England Margaret Wootton
BARTHOLOMEW Seaford & Chailey, SSX, England Margaret Wootton
BLEEKER Belleville, Bay of Quinte, Ontario from about 1770 Steve Cowan
BOGGS Nova Scotia Barbara Page
BOLTON OXF & WOR > Birmingham Barbara Page
BOYD IRL > Ontario Barbara Page
BRADSHAW Colne, Burnley LAN England 1808+ Norma O’Toole
BRAIN Gloucestershire, England Beverley Gunter
BRITT Shermanbury, SSX Margaret Wootton
BURTON Essex, UK Pam Moughton
BURWASH Quebec & Ontario, Canada Marlene Wagner
BURWASH Kent, England Marlene Wagner
BURWASH Vermont, USA Marlene Wagner
BYNG England Bruce Archibald
BYNG Bermuda, B.W. Indies Bruce Archibald
CALVER Essex, England Robert Scales
CAMPBELL Kenmore, PER, SCT Barbara Page
CHRISMAS Aldershot, HANTS, and Seal, Surrey, England Margaret Wootton
CHRISTIE Oyne, ABD Scotland 1790+ Norma O’Toole
CINNAMON Winchester, Dundas Co. ON, Canada 1850+ Norma O’Toole
COLWELL/CALDWILL Lewes, Brighton & Seaford, SSX, England Margaret Wootton
COUSE Germany Bruce Archibald
COUSE Elgin County, ON, Canada Bruce Archibald
COUSE Augusta, Sussex Co., NJ, USA Bruce Archibald
COUSE Garafraxa Twp., ON Canada Bruce Archibald
COUSE Clinton Twp., Lincoln Co., ON, Canada Bruce Archibald
COWAN Belleville, Bay of Quinte, Ontario from about 1820 Steve Cowan
CRANE Wickham Market, Suffolk, England Mike Minter
DAY Hertfordshire, England Robert Scales
DAY Badingham, SFK, England Barbara Page
DEAN Taunton & Adams, MA, USA Bruce Archibald
DEAN Taunton, England Bruce Archibald
DEAN Owego, Newark Valley, NY Bruce Archibald
DENTON Rochdale, LAN, England Margaret Wootton
DOUBLEDAY / DOUBLEDEE Norfolk, England Barbara Page
DOWE NFK & SFK, England Barbara Page
DUNKERLEY Oldham, LAN, England Margaret Wootton
EDWARDS Gloucestershire, England Beverley Gunter
ELMSLIE Rayne, ABD Scotland 1760+ Norma O’Toole
EVEREST Cowden, KENT Margaret Wootton
EVERRETT/EVERETT Norfolk, England Mike Minter
FEARNLEY Ripon, YKS, England Mae Pagdin
FISHER SCT > IRL > NH > NS Barbara Page
GAFFNEY St Foy QC, Pontiac Co. QC Canada 1840+ Norma O’Toole
GREAVES Oldham?, LAN, England Margaret Wootton
GULLETT Carcroft, Yorkshire, Eng. 1900s Jackie Gray
GUNTER Gloucestershire, England Beverley Gunter
HAMMELL Co. Fermanaugh and Co. Cavan, Ireland Marlene Wagner
HAMMELL Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC, Canada Marlene Wagner
HAMMOND Essex, England Robert Scales
HAYWARD Essex, England Robert Scales
HENDERSON Stirling, SCT Bruce Archibald
HEYWOOD Heywood, Bury, Middleton, LAN, England Margaret Wootton
HICKIE Tipperary and Dublin, Ireland and India from about 1800 Steve Cowan
HOLDOM/ HOLDHAM/ HOLDON Brackley, NTH & Rugby, WAR, England Margaret Wootton
HOYT New England > NH Barbara Page
HUNT Hertfordshire, England Robert Scales
HUTCHINSON Garafraxa Twp., Wellington Co., ON Bruce Archibald
HUTTON Manitoba and United Kingdom Margaret Nex
INGHAM England Robert Scales
JOHNSTON Scotland Marlene Wagner
JOHNSTON Toronto, Manvers & Janetville, ON Marlene Wagner
JOHNSTON OKI Scotland 1680s+ Norma O’Toole
KIRBY Yorkshire & Herefordshire Beverley Gunter
KNOPH/KNOPF Germany Bruce Archibald
KNOPH/KNOPF Augusta, Sussex Co., NJ, USA Bruce Archibald
LAMPARD Sarum, Wiltshire, Eng. Pre1786 Jackie Gray
LANCASHIRE Stockport, Cheshire, Eng. Pre 1865 Jackie Gray
LAW Sheffield, YKS, England Bruce Archibald
LEE YKS > ON > Manitoba Barbara Page
LEES Oldham, LAN, England Margaret Wootton
LONG Donegal, NIR Mae Pagdin
LOUGH Winchester, Dundas Co. ON, Canada 1850+ Norma O’Toole
MACKLIN Culdaff, Ireland Marlene Wagner
MACKLIN Coburg, Ontario and BC Marlene Wagner
MACKLIN Tiverton, Somerset, England Marlene Wagner
McBAIN/McBEAN INV Scotland 1750+ Norma O’Toole
McBAIN ABD Scotland 1848+ Norma O’Toole
McCAULEY Lanark Co ON & Pontiac Co. QC Canada 1823+ Norma O’Toole
MCCOMBS St. Catherines, Niagara, ON, Canada Mae Pagdin
MCCOUBRIE Balllynahinch, DOW, NIR Mae Pagdin
MCGREGOR Killin, PER, SCT Barbara Page
McNAUGHTON Alva, Stirling, SCT Bruce Archibald
METCALF(E) LINC, England > Ontario, Canada Barbara Page
MEYERS Belleville, Bay of Quinte, Ontario from about 1820 Steve Cowan
MILLS Oldham?, LAN, England Margaret Wootton
MINTER/MYNTER Norolk and Suffolk, England Mike Minter
MITCHELL Stirlingshire, SCT Barbara Page
MORGAN Monmouth, Wales Beverley Gunter
NEWHAM Suffolk and Norfolk, England border areas Mike Minter
NORMAN Syresham, NTH Margaret Wootton
O’TOOLE Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan, Canada 1906-1946 Norma O’Toole
O’TOOLE Birmingham WAR England 1840-1910 Norma O’Toole
OAKLEY Sedgley, Staffordshire, Eng. pre1790 Jackie Gray
OTOOLE Westport, MAY Ireland 1814-1840 Norma O’Toole
PAGDIN Conisborough & Tickhill, YKS, England Mae Pagdin
PAGE Ludlow, Shropshire, England Barbara Page
PARKER ON > MB > SK Barbara Page
PARKER Surrey, UK Pam Moughton
PEARSON Abernathy, Perth, SCT Bruce Archibald
PECKHAM New England, USA Mae Pagdin
PERKINS Hertfordshire, England Robert Scales
PICKFORD Oldham, LAN, England
Winwick, Warrington, and Golburn, LAN
Margaret Wootton
PLAYFORD NFK, England Barbara Page
POWELL Robert Scales
POWELL Monmouth, Wales Beverley Gunter
REED Chailey, Barcombe, Beckley, Southwick, SSX, England Margaret Wootton
ROBERTS Warboys HUN England 1837-1860 Norma O’Toole
ROBERTS Burnley LAN England 1860+ Norma O’Toole
SAGE Pontiac Co. QC Canada 1850+ Norma O’Toole
SCALES Hertfordshire, England Robert Scales
SELBY Cowden, Kent, England Margaret Wootton
SELBY/SELSBY Newick, SSX, England
Ticehurst, Lamberhurst, Wadhurst and Shermanbury, SSX
Margaret Wootton
SHAKESPEARE Whitfield, NTH, England Margaret Wootton
SHAMBROOK Hertfordshire, England Robert Scales
SHAW Co. Cavan, Ireland Marlene Wagner
SIBLEY New England, USA Mae Pagdin
SNOVER NJ or NY, USA Bruce Archibald
SOAN Syresham, NTH Margaret Wootton
SONE(S) Norfolk and Suffolk, England border areas Mike Minter
STADNYK Ivankow, Austrian Empire 1893 – ? Norma O’Toole
STADNYK Moose Jaw SK Canada 1918-1966 Norma O’Toole
STEED Ballynahinch, DOW, Ireland Mae Pagdin
STEVEN Midlothian, Scotland and London, England from abt 1750 Steve Cowan
SWORDS St Foy & Pontiac Co. QC Canada 1830+ Norma O’Toole
TAYLOR Trim, E. Meath, IRL Bruce Archibald
TINSLEY Hertfordshire, England Robert Scales
TOPCOT Hertfordshire, England Robert Scales
TURTON Oldham & Bury, LAN, England
Horbury/Wakefield, WRY (1700s), England
Margaret Wootton
UTTING Suffolk and Norfolk, England border areas Mike Minter
VAUGHAN Syresham, NTH Margaret Wootton
WADSWORTH Yorkshire, England Mae Pagdin
WARE Surrey, UK Pam Moughton
WATTS Hertfordshire, England Robert Scales
WEBB Gosport, Hampshire, ENG Bruce Archibald
WEBB Woolwich, Kent, England Bruce Archibald
WEBB Baden, New Hamburg, Galt, ON Canada Bruce Archibald
WEBSTER Forfar, Scotland pre1819 Jackie Gray
WHARTON NFK & SFK, England Barbara Page
WHITE Sarum, Wiltshire, Eng. pre1776 Jackie Gray
WILD Rochdale?, LAN, England Margaret Wootton
WILLSON Thorold, Niagara, ON, Canada Mae Pagdin
WINEGARDEN Brant & Norfolk Co., ON, Canada Mae Pagdin
WINTER Brody, Austrian Empire 1866-1900 Norma O’Toole
WINTER Elma, Manitoba, Canada 1900-1970 Norma O’Toole
WINTERBOTTOM Oldham & Waterhead, LAN, England Margaret Wootton
WOOTTON Brackley, NTH, England Margaret Wootton
WORGAN Gloucestershire, England Beverley Gunter
WRIGHT London, UK Pam Moughton
YOUNG, Annie Yorkshire, England Beverley Gunter